Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilization Neenah, WIGetting your garden and yard designed and installed is only the first aspect of your landscaping project. The sustainability, health and appearance of your lawn and garden spaces will be dependent on how regularly and how well they are watered and fertilized. This job is one that has to be done with consistency and hiring us for it is one of the best ways to ensure your softscape gets the attention and care it needs.

We at Turf Works provide excellent landscape construction services to clients in and around Menasha, Appleton, Kaukauna, Little Chute, and Oshkosh. We have handled many projects for customers across De Pere, Ashwaubenon and Fond du Lac and our customer base extends to cities such as Allouez and Howard as well.

We know from experience that when plants, shrubs, trees and lawns get the right kind of care, they stay healthier and are able to develop a better root system which helps them combat climatic changes, foot traffic, mowing & other such stresses.

Custom Fert and Squirt Programs

We strongly believe that fertilizing lawns and garden spaces will help build immunity and sustainability in the plantings and grass. We will design a custom fert and squirt program for the needs of your residential or commercial property. Everyone wants to have beautiful, luscious green looking grass right? And here at Turf Works we can definitely help to make that happen. Let us ensure that your lawns are looking their best all year round, no matter what the season may be.

And the best way to achieve these green, healthy looking lawns is with the use of the right fertilizers. Our experts will assess the needs of your lawns and ensure that the right types of chemicals are used to get the results that you are after. We can help get rid of weeds, pests and diseases so that your lawns thrive. Don’t waste money or time trying to figure it all out for yourself. Leave it to a professional company like ours who have all the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done right every time!

Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawns

There are many benefits gained from regularly fertilizing your lawns, and they include:

  • Having Thicker Grass: when using fertilizers on your lawns you will end up with a thicker grass root system. What this does besides producing a more beautiful and lush lawn; it is also chokes out any room for weeds to grow.
  • Reducing Muddy Yards: if you have notice that you have a very muddy lawn after rainfall then you will find this information useful. Using fertilizer on your grass can help firm up the soil beneath. The fertilizer will expand the root system and therefore require more water. So it will soak up a lot of the rain water and thus providing a less muddy lawn

Weed Control

We all want a beautiful and lush looking green lawn right? We also want our lawns to be free from those unsightly weeds so that they are an even and thick looking lawn! So how can we help you get that dream looking lawn? Well the professional team at Turf Works will come out and access the needs of your lawns and make sure that the right type of products are used to spray your lawns and control those weeds. Don’t spend hours in the garden store looking at all the different weed control products on the shelves; our guys have all the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done fast and efficiently!

Speak with the Turf Works experts at this number - 920-915-6527 and give us details of your project. We will connect with you soon for discussions and a detailed consultation. You can also send your queries via this email.

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